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Model: Tinker

Videographer: Wanderburg

Tinker_Mie_godess neko-min.jpg


When I think about how to describe my way of tying, the first thing that comes to mind is the word "soft". Communicative. I want to feel how my model becomes soft when I start to wrap rope around his/her body. And I have found out that I achieve exactly this softness in my models by being soft myself.


My partners start to trust me as soon as they realize that I take them as they are and, based on that, lead them to where I want them to be. When I am soft, they can feel my flow. They can follow me. And if they trust me and follow me... Then I can achieve everything together with them.


I can shape them, I can bring them into my desired mindset and I can make them suffer.


I would like to try to teach you this softness because I believe it opens the door for further paths. Gentleness can initiate dominance, can initiate overpowering, can initiate sadism. No matter in which direction your dynamics and your session should go, we will explore the path together. But in the beginning there is softness!

Rigger: Soptik_z



I have met many great people over the last few years, who have accompanied me on my way and have significantly influenced my skills and philosophy.

among others:







Fushicho Shibari

Rigger: Sawa_Shibari
Rigger: RopuNawa
Co-Model: Tamandua_Kinbaku
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