Home of ropes

Mie Neko's Wohnzimmer

Mie Neko's living room

In my spacious living room I will teach Private Tuitions. You will benefit from a very cozy atmosphere and a great suspension point with a bamboo or a ring.


Here we focus on your tying wishes on traditional tatami in a protected atmosphere.


The address will be given to you when you book a Private Tuition.



Milk & Honey

The Aerial Gym in Dortmund offers us the perfect location for larger events such as workshops on over 200 square meters.


Seven (single) suspension points are installed here and it offers space for more than 14 couples.

There are changing rooms and a toilet, as well as a microwave in case you get hungry in between.

The address is: Werner Str. 2, 44388 Dortmund


A safe space

I want to offer my students a place where they can develop freely.

Where they can express their needs and desires, their ideas and wishes, free from all social constraints. Where they are accepted as they are.

To succeed this, I require an open and unbiased interaction, both from my side and yours. I would like us to treat each other with respect at eye level and have a good time together, in which everyone feels safe.