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There is no right or wrong

There is only one way of tying: the right one. Of course you have to differentiate between safe and unsafe... but these are the concepts I want to teach in my lessons.

Because as soon as a tie is safe, all possibilities are open to you. From there on, not everything has to be beautiful and clean, it can also be chaotic. A tying session can be loud or quiet, fast or slow, calm but also exciting.

Everything is allowed as long as it brings you joy. And with this undogmatic approach I want to teach you how to tie. 

Which path you choose for yourself will ultimately depend on your creativity, your skills and your enjoyment of ties. I have found my way in the japanese inspired tying, called Shibari, but that doesn't mean that it has to be your way as well. It is about using my knowledge to help you to find your way.

Everybody is equal in ropes

Often I am asked if I also tie up non-female models. Whether I also tie up someone with a different physique, who is stronger, taller, smaller, fatter or thinner.


And yes I do, and I love it. I love to feel a body under my fingers that is so different from mine on the one hand and so similar on the other hand: a body that I can shape according to my ideas and with my rope. I love to see how someone let themself sink completely into my rope, relaxe and give up their control to me. When the person just starts to be. 


At the end of the day we all don't really vary that much in ropes. And the differences that exist offer us an almost infinite number of ties. Each tie can be customized for you, your body and your needs.


Because in the end it does not depend on the gender or the physique. But on you and your wishes.

Model:Tinker, Pic: Wanderburg
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