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Rigger: Sawa_Shibari

Videographer: Wanderburg


Ropes are my home. There is no place, no time and no situation where I feel more comfortable. 

This passion has helped me over the past years to understand my body in ropes; I have explored my strengths and weaknesses and expanded my ability to communicate.


Especially the clear communication between rigger and model is very important. I used to believe that a good tying session depends on how good my rigger is. And that as a model I have relatively little influence on how a session will develop. Today I understand that models have at least as much, if not more influence on a session than their active partner.


Tying provides ways to deal with yourself, to open up emotionally and to trust yourself. My rigger and I go along with each other on this path, because we are in constant communication with each other. 


When I tie with him/her, I offer him/her a look into my innermost being. Give my partner the opportunity to see what storms he/she releases in me. Which emotions I'm dealing with. What I feel at this moment for my rigger. 


In the end it is a constant exchange of emotions, a stream that carries us along and makes us forget everything around us. And it's this closeness during a session that allows me to see what's happening and going on in my partner with an intensity rarely seen before.


What do I learn as a model?

Often models are forgotten or neglected in workshops or in class. It is essential that the model is trained in the same way as the rigger.


Thanks to my many years of experience as a model, I can look at both sides of every tie and take precautions on ties that have a significant value for the model, but are perhaps perceived by the rigger as a detail. 

I would like to explore your world of thoughts with you, see what your body is capable of and give you the skills to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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