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model education

A Private Tuition just for you. Here you will learn the most intensive, because my whole attention is focused on you. We meet in a comfortable private atmosphere and address your concrete wishes and challenges. No matter if you are a curious beginner, if you need tips for a special tie or if you need new input to get creative again - private tuitions pick you up exactly where you are and take you one step further. 

You choose both the topic and the date.  We can also work together to find out which topics make sense for you. The Private Tuitions will take place in Mie Neko's living room in a very comfortable atmosphere. Please have a look at my schedule to see when there are still free slots!

This offer is for couples who want to learn to tie.


1 hour - Date free selectable


Single lessons

As models, we rarely get the benefit of a workshop or class that is just about us. We are often expected to have exactly the same skills or mindset as the presenting workshop model, or perhaps to meet the expectations and desires of our riggers. But what if we are different? What if we have different skills and a different mindset? Which ones are there? Are there any that I haven't discovered in myself yet?

There are so many ways to be a model. Active, passive, anything in between. Loud, quiet, anything in between. Verbal, non-verbal, anything in between. Total dedication, playful, anything in between...

*I believe that tying should be accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject. If you are a pupil, student, trainee or something similar, please contact me or indicate this in your booking so that I can send you the reduced conditions.
Payment in rates is also possible.

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