Semenawa I by Kirigami & Tenshiko - International Class

Art.-Nr. Seme1KT

This course is an international one and will be held in English. If you want to participate please contact me first.

Kirigami and Tenshiko are a couple both in ropes and in life.

They have been teaching and performing in different European cities since 2012. In 2016 they opened School of Rope Milano, where they teach traditional bondage three times a week to local students and foreign visitors.

Their rope is inspired by the most traditional Japanese style bondage, with an eclectic approach encompassing both private sessioning and photography.


We will approach traditional semenawa from a practical and theoretical point of view, understanding the iconic patterns of the style, and the philosophy behind them.

The Tk

We will analyse  a stemless gote, understanding its structure and historical development. The differences with an original Japanese TK will be described both from a technical and philosophical point of view.

Basic patterns

Some iconic patterns will be taught and put in use. Both floorwork and simple suspensions will be part of the schedule.

Each basic pattern will be used to teach a skill that can be carried over and used in several other ties.


Depending on the level of participants, some basic ties will be variated and transformed into new shapes. Variations are didactically skill-oriented, and participants will improve rope and body handling while experimenting with new ties.


  • solid TK
  • solid Suspension Line Handling
  • solid Futomomo

To take care of the class' level I will need to check if you match the precautions. Please send me a link to your social media, where your skills are visible or send me pictures directly!

Space & Time:

  • Milk & Honey Cologne, Grüner Weg 2, 50825, Köln
  • Date: 22. & 23.10.2022
  • Entry: 10.45 AM
  • Start: 11.00 AM
  • End: 6.00 PM

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