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Mie Neko

Learn to guide your partner's body and mind.


Some talk about bondage, some call it shibari. But no matter how it is called in the end: Bondage means to restrict the body in its movement possibilities and to shape it according to the will of the rigger. It is always fascinating to observe and feel how the rope and the ties also influence the mind.

Tying offers almost infinite possibilities. And most important: tying means something different for everyone.
A tying session offers the space and time to deal with one's innermost desires, no matter whether they are of a meditative, artistic, sexual or other nature.

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When I was able to enjoy my first contact with and in ropes in 2014, I was immediately hooked by the passion for it. For the first few years I stayed mainly on the model side and connected with different people. This is how I learned a lot about myself and about what I am looking for in ropes.

In 2017 I also started to become active as a rigger and developed myself continuously. I attended various workshops, learned different styles and numerous ties. Towards the end of the year I founded rope jam for young rope lovers (and those who want to become one) called RIGGOROS with friends, which is well known in the Ruhr area and Rhineland by now.

Since then, rope have played a big and important role in my life. I have met many interesting rope people and exchanged ideas with them, experienced great sessions and was allowed to travel halfway around the world, each time coming back with a whole suitcase full of new skills and ideas. During those trips, I expanded my own knowledge as well as taught others how to find their way of tying.

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What I offer



Would you like to learn to tie or expand your skills and do you like to learn in groups?

Then my regular workshops are exactly what are you searching for! There are different offers for each level with changing topics. 

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